The Bickerton Grace Gallery is celebrating Sentiment with 100 Artists who will all be creating their piece of Sentiment with us and will finish with an exhibition and book.

As an Artist i`m pround to be a part of this amazing project and by joining, will be visible and feature on the Gallery with interviews profiles and imagery.

The gift of Sentiment is priceless.

It holds within it friendship, nostalgia and love.

This collection truly captures these emotions through the medium of art.

By creating and dividing into pieces this stunning artwork delivers a truly amazing bond between family, friends, and fellow art lovers alike. The receiver of this limited edition unique collectible piece of art will forever be joined to a special group of individuals fortunate to become a part of the Sentiment vision and journey from dream to reality. 

Artwork that i`ve made for this project is titled "Moonspell". It has been devided into one thousand jigsaw puzzle pieces and each individual piece, marked with gold and framed, are available for purchase in shop section or here.